Ramblings about my First Marathon !!!

My First Marathon!!!


4 years ago…whenever someone would mention about full marathons …I had 2 reactions .Whats the distance?…and once someone would say 42Kms…the second reaction…..that is INSANE!!!


Well here I am…. Proven Insane one more time after completing my first full marathon at the SCMM 2014 in January.


Why I am writing about it today… I have been wanting too ever since I completed it…..but today..since I am stuck in the house with fever and cold….there isn’t anything else to do 😉


How did it go… I finished it ..(drums rolling) in exactly 5 hours ..which is very very slow..and much below my expectation’s (4:30 – 4:45). But given that the longest I had run before this was 29 KMS (only once) and ran more than 21kms only thrice…I am damn happy I finished.


Why did I do it… I have no clue ..like I said before its Insane, and Insane is ME. So I guess it fits in that weird way..but now that I have done it once ..I wanna do it again once more atleast..to get a decent (4:30) finishing time !!

How did it go… first 21 kms were awesome…took 2:16 for the first 21 KMS, which is a half marathon Personal Best for me (previous was 2:20)…I was feeling good..weather was good..everyone cheering…..was wonderful. Then after the 25 KMS mark I started feeling the strain ..and at 29 KM mark I started cramping up..at that point I had to choose.. to start walking or give it all I got and keep running… I choose to walk run (walk a minute ..run 2 minutes)..but between 30-35 KMS mark I have no memory of what happened during the race and I was walking / running almost in a trance ..every step my body telling me that I am an idiot to be doing this…and quit..and the mind fighting a losing battle of trying to keep the body going. But then my wife called…to tell me that my family (Father, Wife, bith my kids and mother in law were waiting to cheer at Marine Drive). That did it..there was no way I was going to disappoint my family…my father who almost rarely ever travels these days had come down to Mumbai and then to Marine Drive just to see me finish…no way I was quitting. And then I walked a lot..ran a bit …and finally made it to Marine Drive..where my son ran into my arms ..and the rest of them were looking at me with such pride ..I knew it had all been worth it.

From there on, for the next 3-4 kms, I was egged on by the 5 hour bus and I barely made it to the finish in 5 hours.


The SCMM is probably one of the best marathons in terms of the way its organized (never ran out of Water at ay water booth..so many volunteers with oranges and pain relieving sprays (I used them twice ..not on my foot but my shoulder which hurt the most !!!). And so many people on the streets ..cheering…with oranges..juice..bananas..and lill kids just happy to give you high 5!!


Back To the details, Training. I used an online training plan ..only 2 runs a week…seems to have worked. But only because I joined cross training class ..kick boxing ..which made sure that I was doing the strengthening and stretching so necessary to run that far without injuries. A big thank you to my running coach Savio Dsouza..the  best in Mumbai who got me this far ..I remember less than 4 years ago..and I couldn’t run a km without some pain in my shin..knee or foot. ..to now running 42 KMS without any injury. My kick boxing coach Farooq Mistry…who made sure I was fighting fit for the race !! and most of all my Wife..Megs..without her encouragement and diet plans…I could have never made it..and for putting up with long run weekends..where Sunday mornings used to be 2-3 hour runs..and the rest of the day I was nothing but a tired zombie at home J


The gear. I ran in Skechers Go Run 2..amongst the lightest and most flexible running shoes in the market. And I am so glad for them… coz after the running the marathon I had almost zero pain in the foot the next day..made it to work and worked full day too…something that did not happen after the 3 half marathons I had run in the previous editions of SCMM.  Running shorts wand Tees were Nike.


I am looking forward to my next marathon..haven’t trained much after the marathon…but starting too..got in some decent 6-10 Km runs this month.


One question that everyone asks …and I do not have an answer too yet…why do I run… I guess its my ME time ..where I am alone with my random thoughts..uninterrupted. Also because it’s the closest I come to meditation…where my only focus is not to focus on my body telling me to stop running (Mind over Matter!!). I am not sure..but all I know..is that I wanna run another Marathon in 2014 !!!


Some other boring facts about me:

I haven’t lost weight since I started running…..I have lost an inch or two around my waist..but gained more than 6 kgs in the last 12 months !! 

 I am crazy about running shoes ..Have run in Skechers (3 different pairs..Go Bionic, Go Run 2 and G Run Meb Speed), Asics (Sky Speed 2), Reebok (Realflex), and Nike (Free 3.0 V5).


I am 35 years old..started running after turning 31..ran my first half marathon at 32..before that I had never run more than a km I in my life !!! I started running coz the inpsite of being the proper weight (less than 60 kgs at 5.7 inches) ..and working out atleast 3 times a week.. I developed Low Blood Pressure and Ashthma..so the doc suggested that I change my lifestyle..seems Running is the perfect answer to both these conditions!